Breathplay in Water

Water can trigger very primal fears, such as not being able to breathe and loss of control. This workshop invites you to face those fears and will show ways and possibilities to adapt to the new conditions. You’ll learn to quietly embrace and – very likely! – to love the unfamiliar element. Together we’ll explore the exceptional place where fear disappears, replaced by positive new experiences.

We don’t go to extremes: Playing with water is a unique way of showing and exchanging elementary feelings: Trust. Security. Calmness. Opening up.

Topics will include:

– Resistance and physical control in water

– The calmness of not breathing

– Facing your fears: Breath control with (and in) water

– Restriction in water: Trusting our partner

– BDSM play with water: Different options

– Physiological and unfamiliar aspects: What happens with your body under water?

Safety and getting acquainted with water under the special conditions of BDSM will be an important issue. And we’ll be available to answer your questions associated with water- and breathplay.

Practical Info:

Please bring a spare T-Shirt that could get wet.

Optional: Neopren suit or shirt, a pair of swim goggles, perhaps a nose clip (if you are sensitive to getting water into your nose) or a diving mask.

photo credits © MoBoFoTo


Class Information

 Open: October 14, 2022
 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Class Trainer