Hounds of Rage

In a way, we can imagine rage as our dogs. We let them off the leash if we consider it necessary (“ATTACK!”). However, as rational people we also need to be able to call them off once we have achieved our goal – for example, once it has become clear to our counterpart that it’s not a good idea to mess with us.

With exercises from self-defence and the body-oriented tools from Frank & Sheila’s Bodyplay-concept, we activate rage that is directed specifically at our counterparts.

An important aspect of this workshop will be to express rage in a differentiated and nuanced manner, in various ways including facial expression, body language, voice, speech and physical interaction. How does it make us feel to be on the giving, and then on the taking side? How can we create a positive space using this stigmatized, yet powerful emotion?

(And no. This is not a petplay workshop.)

photo credits © MoBoFoTo



Class Information

 Open: October 15, 2022
 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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