Rough Body Play

Rough Body Play is a very direct physical manifestation of BDSM which focuses less on tools and toys and more on direct physical dominance or stylized confrontation. Overpowering games allow us to experience our own strength and power in a particularly acute way. Despite its obvious physical aspect, Rough Body Play also features a strong psychological component.

In their unique concept, Frank & Sheila blend elements of martial arts, playful fighting and BDSM and turn them into arts of pleasure and kink. It will become apparent how experiences of strength, control and intense stimuli can evoke a wide range of feelings – from lust and pleasure to a meditative state of mind.

The workshop is intended not just for experienced BDSM players who are interested in carnal scenarios, but also for those who are seeking to take a first step towards BDSM (the focus on one’s body and feelings rather than on tools can be helpful here).

photo credits © Mika Jannek Wisskirchen


Class Information

 Open: October 14, 2022
 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Class Trainer