What can you expect at the Schwelle Festival-Festival?

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Check-In starts at 13:00 h on May 3rd 2023 directly at the hotel reception.

First dinner will be at 19.00 h, followed by our opening ceremony at 21:30 h.

Since we have all waited for a long time to celebrate together again, we will keep it short and start our first “get to know” party right after the opening talk.

At the opening, Team Schwelle Vienna will give introductions as well as an overview of the schedule, location and rules for the festival.


You choose your accommodation with your ticket. There are several different options for your stay.




Choose your meal type with your ticket.

We offer the choice of Standard, Vegetarian and Vegan meals from the buffet.

Ingredients are regionally sourced from local partners.

For any specific nutrirional requirements please write us an email to: info@schwelle.at


A wonderful, intimate safe space; the Hotel “Der Waldhof” exclusive for the festival’s use. The luxurious location invites you to relax and enjoy a selection of incredible workshops, evening events and sessions.

Pictures and the exact location here: https://www.schwelle-festival.com/location/

COVID-19 Policy

There is NO Covid Test required at the entrance.

We count on your own responsibility:

Before the Festival: Please test yourself and make sure that you are healthy when you arrive.

At the Festival: If you have flu symptoms or you feel sick, please stay in your room and ask us for a covid-test.

If its positive we have to send you home.

Safer Space

Safe, sane & consensual:
All encounters are based on principle Safe-Sane-Consensual (SSC). SSC guarantees that a space is created for everyone involved, in which you can rely on others. This is the way to feel safe to try something out. We will provide workshops on that topic. Since we take the SSC principle very seriously, we do not use drugs at the festival. During the workshops we also don’t allow the consumption of alcohol. We can only take responsibility for our actions and feelings if we are fully conscious, if we are sober.

Safer sex:
is an important part of a sex-positive attitude, there will be a workshop on this topic. We have also provided condoms, gloves and disinfectants for you. Please also familiarize yourself with what safe(r) sex means and what you have to watch out for. It is the responsibility of each participant to act responsibly. Support each other in this.


When ordering the festival tickets, we require your full legal name. Of course, this information is subject to data protection and will not be passed on to third parties. For more details, please read our terms and conditions.

The area around the house is private and no other guests are participating.


NO Pictures or Recordings of any kind are allowed in ANY of the public settings on the festival.

In agreement to our consent rules, private pictures may be taken with the explicit consent of everyone depicted.

We will have an official photographer who will take special photos of you, if requested.

Things to bring with you

Come open-minded and in party mood. We have waited a long time to celebrate together again.

Massage oil, lunghi, water bottle, comfortable clothes, enough clothes to change, swimsuit, towels, sun cream, special party clothes, accessories to dress up, ear plugs, condoms and disinfectants.

If you want, you can also take your favorite toys, floggers and ropes with you. You may need them in one or the other workshop or at the play party.

And bring whatever supports you in feeling good, home and relaxed.

Who is there ?

This event is open to anyone and all gender identities and expressions are welcome, however the number of participants is strictly limited to 300 people.

You are welcome to come as a couple, single, or any group constellation.


We have carefully selected our workshop leaders. All of them have years of experience as facilitators in the areas of body, relationship, and sexuality. With many of them, we have been working for years.



Program and Schedule will be continuously updated !

There is no activity you have to attend. You can always go swimming or relax in the spa.

Take your time there if you need it.



Next to the main floor there will be a permanent play space.

Especially in shared spaces it’s very important to be aware of the consent rules.


Next to the Workshoproom 1 will be a permanent cuddle space.

Especially in shared spaces it’s very important to be aware of the consent rules.

Alcohol & drugs

We have a no-drug policy.

Alcohol may be consumed responsibly outside of workshops.

No dogs

Sorry for that, we love dogs.

But they are not allowed to participate (nor any other kind of pets).

Customer Service

If there will be any questions or difficulties, you can always contact our Schwelle-Team at the main house.

We will do our best to help !


Tickets can be canceled within 14 days after purchasing.

14 days before the festival we cannot accept any cancelations, as announced in the terms of service.

You cant find your question? Send us a message to: info@schwelle.at
We are looking forward hearing from you.