Judith & Ben


Judith started working in architecture, but soon realized, that her passion lies in working with people, especially kids and teenagers.

Deep down in her heart she believes, that helping people grow and find their true self, makes the world a better place.

She works as an experiential and social educator in teambuilding, personal development and addiction prevention. She believes, that real growth comes from experiences and reflection.

This is also true for sexuality and various concepts of relationships. Therefore she works in awareness teams on sex positivity parties and events.



Ben is an adventure seeker and likes to try new things from base jumping to tantra and everything in between.

He is working as a tour and hiking guide in countries from Iceland to Vietnam. When he is at his homebase in Vienna, he works as an Outdoor Trainer in teambuilding and addiction prevention with teams and young adults.

Ben is also a mental trainer and systemic coach and just loves to work with people and help them grow to their full potential.

He is also working as a part of an awareness team on sex positive parties.