Mel Merio

Schwelle vienna is my home, my creative playground and a place where I am welcome as a woman with all my knowledge, my strength and my passion and (sexual) energy.

At Schwelle vienna I always provide musical entertainment at the parties and lead various workshops, for example: Ecstatic Dance, Ritual Posture and Ecstatic Trance ® and Lovemore Playground etc….

I believe that “good” sex, which I see as an expression of our potential and being, is important, necessary and extremely healthy.

It is primarily about the relationship with yourself, which is reflected in the experience with others. Knowing your needs a yes and also being able to say no.

Many conditioning and beliefs have to be let go and the threshold supports each and every one of them and is a very carefully managed place and leaves a lot of space to experiment.

In my workshops I work intensively with the body, music and dance, the state of consciousness trance and ecstasy, your life energy, sexual energy, humor, letting go of conventions and beliefs, gratitude and joy. And self-love. And celebrating life and being.

We are here to have fun and to experience and learn.

I originally come from the creative industry, worked as a presenter for television and radio for a long time and then lived for many years in Germany, America and England. Traveling is my passion, which I still pursue.

At the moment I’m working parallel to my work on the threshold as a djane and musician.