Miriam S. Koller

I am a facilitator and space holder for transformation processes and support people, groups and companies in expressing radical authenticity. In doing so, my different areas of expertise intertwine to create holistic, sustainable experiences that can be understand, felt, and enjoyed – and at the same time inspire you to push conditioned limitations.

Working as a communications strategist for many years, I develop conceptual narratives that externalize the inside. Always wearing my heart on my tongue, I express myself in formats and settings that create a safe space for the people I accompany.

As an experience designer and ritual designer, I curate wholesome possibilities for encounters in which the personal process is held by community. Through stories, sensual interventions and ceremonial-creative impulses, I design and create spaces in which the individual and collective consciousness, and the understanding for ourselves and others can be playfully discovered in an exploratory journey – towards ourselves and each other.