Natascha Ditha Berger

Natascha is a psychotherapist working with a kinky- and poly-friendly mindset since 2013.

Her work ethic is based on traditional scientific theories especially considering the concept of integrative therapy combined with a fine grasp towards a non-monogamous lifestyle.

She also wrote her master thesis about the impact of ethical correct non-monogamy dealing with the identity of a person as well as the importance of a supporting psychotherapeutic relationship.

Natascha also attends relevant festivals and workshops, both as a guest and as a speaker, to further explore the kinky and consensual non-monogamous world and is eminently inspired by her clients on how to best support them professionally.

Since 2018 she has also been facilitating the “Poly-Group” of Schwelle Vienna together with its founder Reinhard Gaida.

A sexpositive mindset in therapy sessions is her speciality and she is a founding member of Austria’s Kink-Aware-Professionals Network –

Her personal web site – German only homepage, however consultations are available in English too.