SENSESthesia : The Elements

SENSESthesia is an immersive multi sensory touch symphony.

Take place on a sonic massage chair, and let yourself drift for 15 minutes into a theatrical narrative of different sensations, combining Touch, Sound, Smell and Taste.

Choose according to your mood or your earth sign one of the Elements Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Eather.

Sign up for your 20 minutes time slot between 10:00 and 20:00. €20/Session

For booking a session please contact Alexander.

SENSESthesia : The Elements

WATER – Floating

At a breezy playful waterside you dive into ice cold waters, drifting in a dark colourful realm of fluid currents, before emerging from the waves refreshed and alive.


FIRE – Comforting

In a busy forest a pyre is set alight. You sense the heat of the inferno and dance with the flames. As the fire spreads you get attracted to the calm centre of the radiating furnace. You wallow in the comfort of the fading glow of the embers, till the fire is extinguished and you return invigorated back to reality.


EARTH – “Ländlich” Rural, Down to Earth

You connect to earth, first carefully treading, then explorative walking before frantically running over unknown soils. You realise the different textures of the surfaces and start digging to discover diverse life under your feet. Taking ever longer strides, stepping and confidently stomping to boldly go in new found directions.

WIND – Soaring

You frolic in a playful wind, when the sky bears down on you and the blustering storm changes your perception.
You are dislocated and soar away on a mercurial breeze to different sensational fortunes.


AETHER – Ethereal, Science Fiction

As you lift off into outer space you encounter a universe of different beings.
In the weightless heavens you are seemingly buoyant on a cloud of different intelligencies. Returning lightheaded back to a bright reality with newfound insights.