Sheila & Frank

Frank is a kinky self-defense teacher who has been practicing various martial arts since 1984. With Playfighting and Rough Body Play he developed his own and unique approach to bring together his passion for martial arts and playful fighting.

Sheila, Franks partner in crime, has a diverse bodywork background – she practices Shiatsu, breath work, dance, martial arts and is a contact communication trainer. She is an adventurer with body and soul, climbs mountains, flies hang-gliders and is trained in technical & cave diving and whitewater rescue techniques.

The two founders of the Bodyplay Academy are influential pioneers in the field of sexual education, rough play and playful fighting and are constantly developing their concepts. Both have more than two decades of kink experience under their belt. Since 2005 they have presented their entertaining and educational hands-on workshops all over Europe and in Australia.