Divine Putain

Divine Putain started performing with Shibari Circus in 2011. Shibari Circus was a company showcasing acts mixing bondage and theatre in a very unique grotesque and bizarre atmosphere. Shibari Circus soiled the main European stages, such as BoundUK, Saint Petersbourg, Moscou, Geneve, Cabaret Rouge Nancy, Cabaret bizarre Munich, Zurich and Basel….

Sanely Insane
Divine Putain is now pursuing his exploration of the so called alternatives orientations. On stage, it changes identities, gender-bending from male to succubus, and from tranvestite to animal, to display the various dimensions of edgy sexualities with humor and a certain strangeness.

But so sexy
Throughout all his shows it always aims to achieve something else than a shocking and gratuitous performance, but instead to question and disrupt its audience views on self-expression, gender, norms, rôles, pain, consciousness and good taste.

These last years, Divine Putain has bewitched and bemused the audiences of major stages as well as small alternative venues and art galeries in France and Europe such as Wasteland (Amsterdam, Berlin), Torture Garden (Geneva), Cabaret Bizarre (Basel, Lausane), Luxuria (Budapest), Sneaky Sneaky (Paris), or Festivals as Château Perché, Nowhere and many more.

Because sound and music are major parts of its universe, Divine Putain works closely with the electronic musician Pembek

Divine Putain also worked as a director and illustrator for Schneckewurst, a collective of sex-anarchists displaying a baroque, twisted and wicked vision of sexuality