Jay has a big passion for music and sensuality, the beauty of movement, depth of physical experience, and devotion.

She is a scientist, yoga and dance teacher, singer, and an embodied spiritual practitioner. She believes that embodiment is the gate to modern, independent spirituality, which integrates all human dimensions, including emotions, body, and sexuality.

In her work she integrates these dimensions, combining ancient wisdom, modern science, and her personal experience to help people reclaim their body wisdom as a gate to personal growth and healing.


“The meaning of life is not something to be discerned and known intellectually by the mind, but to be felt in the depths of our flesh.”  Jorge N. Ferrer


Education and Training: 

Hatha- and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher,

Dance Instructor (Jazz, Broadway, Poledance), Reiki therapist,

MSc Biotechnology in Medical Processes