Mary & Thea

Thea is a nature lover and is fascinated by the possibilities of the human body.

15 years of ballet dancing and 15 years of yoga practice fostered her intense awareness of her own body
muscles, veins, bones, skin, warmth, electricity.

The pleasure in making everybody respect and love their own body and feel happy in it, is what brought her to body painting.

Having organized and hosted different events and grown communities in the last 10 years, she has an intuition to
make people feel welcome, engaged, integrated and safe in a group environment.


“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that” – Pippi Langstrumpf

This motto describes Mary perfectly. She goes through the world with an irrepressible zest for life, a thirst for adventure and an open heart. She sees all of life as a playground and is always discovering new paths with her unconventional way of thinking.

Her journey began with a design degree, during which she also discovered her keen interest in mindfulness and mental health. As her final project, she is writing a book on consciousness. Her path continues to lead her to Women Empowerment and finally to the artistic expression of our being.

Performances and body art allow her to perfectly blend her strengths and experiences – a fusion of Celebration and Consciousness.

In this way she creates safe spaces for deep connection and personal transformation and each workshop becomes a very special experience.