Michael Heufler

Reiki Teacher and TCM practitioner, event organizer, founder of the Association for Social Openness and Loving Society.

Spending already his teenage years including and healing the heavy events in the family. He worked for years in a guided self therapy and systemic family therapy which showed him how important mental health and the work on it is.

In his twenties he opened up his mind and began to study and after a time practice alternative medicine such as Reiki, Kinesiology, Acupressure, The Bars and more for years.

After four years of building the Association and bringing the sex positive mindset to Vienna he is currently shifting his focus to new projects.

His heart and energy is focused on the growth of a loving and caring society. By leaving and sharing principles like respect and consent, openness and kindness we can create, expand and enjoy a place for diversity and love.

Let’s do it!